Friday, January 25, 2013

Jan 2nd, 2013 - Half Price & Free Birthday Massage

Thank you everyone for making me successful.  If it were not for your support and referrals, I would not have been in business for  twenty-eight years. 
The economy has hit everyone hard, so to make it easier on everyone, I have implemented the promotions I now offer:
Half price
Birthday Massage
for all clients, even if they haven’t had a massage all year.   What a great way to keep in touch!
A Free
 is even better! 
Next, I set up a first timer promotion to at- tract  new clients and to reward those that refer me by giving them the same price massage.
You can receive  as many $39 massages you want.  Each time you refer me, you get a $39 hour and fifteen minute massage.
How nice is that!

Thank you
for your support!

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