Friday, January 25, 2013

Jan 1st, 2013 - Launched New Massage Web Site

January 1st, 2013, I launched my new Massage web site.  It will take my massage business to the next level.  You need to see it, to really understand the significance of this site. 
Page 1 – The Home Page!  Gives a brief description about me, and shows tabs to the left to inform the visitor of their options on the site.  On the right, I list a special promotion.

Page 2 - My services and rates – plus a break-down of all my specials.   Whether you are a new client, active client, or one that I haven’t saw in a long time, there is something for everyone.  It also explains the Sales tax issue and offers a suggestion to how to get a massage without paying the sales tax. 

Page 3 – Hours and Scheduling

Page 4 – About the practitioner!  This is a list of my references. 

Page 3 – Benefits of Massage

Page 5 – Frequent questions

Page 6 - Contact information – There anyone can leave a testimonial, appointment inquiry, or ask questions.

Page 7 - Client forms – There is a list of six forms including a first time client form, so the client can fill it out before coming.

Page 8 – Gift Certificates – Now anyone can purchase a gift certificate online

Page 9 – Body Scrubs – Here a client can learn what a Body Scrub is and decide whether it is for them.

Page 10 – My Health Store Online – The store section has most items that a health food store would have, but at a discount on everything.  I tell everyone to check the prices on what they buy now and see if it is cheaper on my site.  The best news of all is that when the order exceeds $50, there are no shipping charges.  You actually do get a discount. 

Page 11 – Body Sense Magazine – For years now, the massage organization I belong to has offered every three months a magazine for the client.  We were told to give it to the client for free, but we paid for it.  We call it our advertising budget.  Now the digital form is under this link.  Just chose which issue you would like to look at and it is just like it was in front of you.  You can click on the arrows on the sides to take you to the next page or return to the previous one.  Print out a page if you want or magnify it to read it better.

Well, that is my new site.  I hope you like it and it is “G” rated. 

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