Friday, January 25, 2013

Sept 4th, 2012 - New Massage Licensing Law

     “NJ Massage Body Workers & Somatic Therapists”
That was the title of the coalition that was formed back in 2003.  Ten different organizations got together and worked on putting together a comprehensive licensing “Bill” that would be submitted to the legislature for their review and implementation.  Finally, Jan 13th, 2008, then Governor Jon Corzine signed the Bill into Law.  However, that wasn’t the end of it.  For the law to be enacted, it had to go through three phases.

     First, at the signing of the bill, the so called board of massage under the board of nursing would be dissolved.   
     Second, a new board of massage would be formed under the division of consumer affairs.  It was a governor appointed position that would be offered to 9 people to sit on the board.  I was asked, along with other members of the Coalition, but I turned it down.  It meant going to Newark every time would meet.  Having done this before, I did not relish the idea of the three hour drive each way and the headache with the traffic getting into Newark.  

     Third Phase was marked by the publishing online, the new application for the massage license itself.  That took place September 4th, 2012.

     “NJ Massage Body Workers & Somatic Therapists”
Each organization in the coalition sent a representative to work on this Bill.  The Coalition actually allowed our organization to send two people.  I was one and Rena Margolis was the other.  Together we represented, “Associated Bodywork & Massage Practitioner” known as “ABMP.”  We were both given the title of “Government Relations Representative.”

     We met with other organizations on telephone conference calls, in person, and when necessary we went to the source.  We visited Newark, where the then board of nursing was in charge of massage, then the “New Jersey Legislature,” also known as the “State House.”  We met with legislators, and tried to bring our thoughts and objections to various parts of the Bill.  Overall, it was a great experience.  I now see that one person can make a difference.  When they wanted to make “Reiki” part of the Bill, I argued that no one should have to take a 500 hour massage course to do Reiki, when the course itself can be an eight hour certification course in itself.  Reiki is not massage and should not be part of the Bill.  I got it!  I also argued for the implementation of a board of massage with diversity on the board.  No one organization should dominate the board and tell others what to do.  I got it!  The system does work sometimes.

Jan 3rd, 2013 - Acu-Health Center in Moorestown, NJ

For those that live near Moorestown, NJ, I have been working at the Acu-Health Ctr.  They are located at:
100 West Camden Ave, Moorestown, NJ.  I work every four weeks on Wednesday and a Friday each month and extra days when necessary.   Appointments can be made between 11:30am to 7:15pm.  If you are interested in this location, please contact me directly to set up an appointment.  
Bill Curry (609) 457-7733

Their website is:

We have an acupuncturists, a Chiropractor, Aesthetician , Family Counselor, three Massage Practitioners and a few other services in the office.  Look over the website for the whole list of available services.

Jan 2nd, 2013 - Half Price & Free Birthday Massage

Thank you everyone for making me successful.  If it were not for your support and referrals, I would not have been in business for  twenty-eight years. 
The economy has hit everyone hard, so to make it easier on everyone, I have implemented the promotions I now offer:
Half price
Birthday Massage
for all clients, even if they haven’t had a massage all year.   What a great way to keep in touch!
A Free
 is even better! 
Next, I set up a first timer promotion to at- tract  new clients and to reward those that refer me by giving them the same price massage.
You can receive  as many $39 massages you want.  Each time you refer me, you get a $39 hour and fifteen minute massage.
How nice is that!

Thank you
for your support!

Jan 1st, 2013 - Launched New Massage Web Site

January 1st, 2013, I launched my new Massage web site.  It will take my massage business to the next level.  You need to see it, to really understand the significance of this site. 
Page 1 – The Home Page!  Gives a brief description about me, and shows tabs to the left to inform the visitor of their options on the site.  On the right, I list a special promotion.

Page 2 - My services and rates – plus a break-down of all my specials.   Whether you are a new client, active client, or one that I haven’t saw in a long time, there is something for everyone.  It also explains the Sales tax issue and offers a suggestion to how to get a massage without paying the sales tax. 

Page 3 – Hours and Scheduling

Page 4 – About the practitioner!  This is a list of my references. 

Page 3 – Benefits of Massage

Page 5 – Frequent questions

Page 6 - Contact information – There anyone can leave a testimonial, appointment inquiry, or ask questions.

Page 7 - Client forms – There is a list of six forms including a first time client form, so the client can fill it out before coming.

Page 8 – Gift Certificates – Now anyone can purchase a gift certificate online

Page 9 – Body Scrubs – Here a client can learn what a Body Scrub is and decide whether it is for them.

Page 10 – My Health Store Online – The store section has most items that a health food store would have, but at a discount on everything.  I tell everyone to check the prices on what they buy now and see if it is cheaper on my site.  The best news of all is that when the order exceeds $50, there are no shipping charges.  You actually do get a discount. 

Page 11 – Body Sense Magazine – For years now, the massage organization I belong to has offered every three months a magazine for the client.  We were told to give it to the client for free, but we paid for it.  We call it our advertising budget.  Now the digital form is under this link.  Just chose which issue you would like to look at and it is just like it was in front of you.  You can click on the arrows on the sides to take you to the next page or return to the previous one.  Print out a page if you want or magnify it to read it better.

Well, that is my new site.  I hope you like it and it is “G” rated. 

Dec 7th, 2012 I was scammed - Changed Email

Change of Email
Dec 7th, 2012, I was scammed into giving out my user name and password to my MSN email account.  I was sent an email from someone I knew to join them on “MSN Instant Messenger.”  It looked legitimate, so I logged onto the site which looked like MSN Instant messenger.  It wasn’t!  It went to a blank screen and said the server was down.  The next day a friend of mine called, saying she would log into instant messenger when she got home that night.  I realized right then what had happened.  I changed my email password and emailed my friends to let them know what happened, but it was too late.  The next day I was blocked from my account.  I have been on the phone repeatedly and it does not look like I will be able to get back on.  So, now I am using my business email and my primary.  Please make a note of it and erase the email address of   Thank You!